Trees/Mountians Dog Tag
Trees/Mountians Dog Tag

Trees/Mountians Dog Tag

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A must have for the adventure/outdoors loving pup. A stylish addition to any collar.




We can add a lot of text to the back of your custom tag. This means all of your important contact information such as one or two phone numbers, address, owners name can be with your fur baby at all times.

There are three options to choose from before checkout:

OPTION1: No contact information on the back of the tag.

OPTION 2 - 'ONE Phone Number' For those who only want or need one phone number on then back of the tag.

OPTION 3 - '+Extra Text (2nd Ph/address/name etc)' This option is perfect for those who want an extra layer of security. Please choose this option if you require more than one phone number on the back of your tag.

Where possible we will match the font(back) to the font you have chosen for the front of the tag.
If you are unsure if the text you require will fit, please feel free to send us a message.

Please leave the details for your tag in the 'notes' section in your cart.



Available sizes include:
  -20mm,25mm or 30mm - Aluminium 
  -20mm,25mm or 30mm - Brass
  -20mm,25mm or 30mm - Copper

Copper and Brass tags WILL TARNISH. This is a natural process and can't be stopped. 
Please refer to our FAQs for tips on how to keep your tags clean and shiny.
There are other cleaning/ maintenance methods available, or keep the natural look, each tag will tarnish differently to the next!

All tags come with a stainless steel split ring and a larger steel ring, which is ready to attach to any collar. If your collar has a thick D ring, a clasp will be the best option. See link below for collar attachment upgrades.



Please ensure that your shipping address is CORRECT at the time of order.
If your order is placed with an incorrect address please message us ASAP. In some cases your order will ship the same day, so please double check your address at checkout.

As each item is individually hand crafted with love there might be slight differences to the one pictured above.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and will only send out tags that make us 100% happy!